Auxiliary: Veteran's & Family Support Program

The goals of Veterans & Family Support Program through the Auxiliary is to assist veterans and their families outside the hospital, to ensure a suitable standard of living, whether it be through financial support, moral support, or by simple acts of kindness.

Veterans & Family Support Program consists of four main efforts:

  • Military Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Operation Uplink
  • Unmet Needs
  • National Home For Children
Funds that are raised go into Veterans & Family Support which then can be moved to where its needed the most of the programs above.

Each program has a focus of support:

  • MAP has helped fund Farewell and Welcome Home gatherings for military units worldwide.
  • Operation Uplink provides free, pre-paid phone cards to service members as well as Free Internet Cafes.
  • Unmet Needs can give a one-time grant up to $2,500 for qualifying service members and their families experiencing financial hardship.
  • VFW National Home for Children is a multi-faceted facility created to care for the developmental, social and spiritual needs of the children and families of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Services are also available for children of active duty military personnel. Our facility is not an orphanage, but a neighborhood of custom homes, service buildings and recreational land administered by a highly devoted staff and fully integrated into its surrounding community.


The founders of the Ladies VFW Auxiliary (now just called the Auxiliary) placed the greatest emphasis on a program developed to assist veterans returning from battle and assimilating back into to civilian life. Today the organization continues to help those coming directly from the battlefield or from the hospital as they try to reestablish themselves and maintain normal, happy lives with their families and their communities.