Auxiliary: Community Service Program

The goal of the Community Service program is to cooperate with other organizations to serve our communities by volunteering our time and promoting community involvement.

There are hundreds of ways to serve your community. Find out what needs there are for the citizens of your town or city, and help meet those needs as a living memorial to the those who have fought for the rights and privileges we enjoy.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be difficult it can be fun. As our veterans age, many of them may need additional help. You can help them and show your appreciation in many ways. Whether it's just stopping by to spend the afternoon with them, getting groceries or running errands, it all helps! It can also be as easy as calling on a sick friend, seeing if they need anything, taking them to the doctor or just sending them a get-well card.


Since its inception in 1950, the Ladies VFW Auxiliary (now just called the Auxiliary) has donated both time and money to benefit the community. The Community Service program was the seventh national program adopted by the Ladies Auxiliary VFW.

Click here for to obtain a copy of the Community Service report and make sure you get credit for all the work that you’ve done during the month.